Go hyper local –

There are no absolute, sure-fire ways to ensure you’ll beat out the competition – However, going hyper local and building your reputation as the definitive expert in your community is what we’ve seen as THE critical success factor – Hyper Local Real Estate Marketing

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Are you perceived as the local coach?

Why do prospects pick a specific realtor?

  1. Expertise and Local Knowledge
  2. Market Insight and Pricing Trends
  3. Local Insight and Demographics
  4. Access to Listings
  5. Negotiation Skills
  6. Paperwork and Legalities
  7. Connections and Network
  8. Time and Convenience
  9. Guidance and Support
  10. Professionalism and Ethics

Notice that the top reasons why buyers and sellers pick a realtor is due to the realtor’s key local knowledge. In other words, to become a top realtor you need to have local market expertise. Hyper Local Real Estate Marketing is the key. To get there our local zip code websites put you – and only you- in the center of the action. To see a list of available sites please check out https://one8mediagroup.com/.

Zip code marketing for realtors

Above all, you need to have extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, including neighborhood history & trends, property values, and available listings get a good amount of qualified leads. For instance, potential clients reward realtors if they are provided valuable ultra-local insights and guidance. Realtors that have the most efficient and user friendly tools to convey this local knowledge have a significant advantage over the competition.

Above all, our local zip code websites aggregate all the key information in on place that buyers & sellers are looking for.

For a live example checkout https://lbnylife.com/

Zip code marketing for realtors

How Do You Get to Own the Local Market?

Bottom line is, if you want to be a leader in your local town market and get leads that your competition won’t get, you need to excel in the Hyper Local Marketing game. Being recognized as the go-to source for sharing local information will increase the quality and quality of your leads.

Be Ultra Local, Have Hyper Local Knowledge

If you are looking to own your market locally, you must be committed to doing it online. In addition, you should align with a solution that provides buyers and sellers with highly local content that they are searching for. In other words, become the sought after trusted advisor with Hyper Local Real Estate Marketing.

How do you attract the right people that have been doing Real Estate Market research online, and get them to pay attention and become YOUR lead? The answer is all in VISIBILITY and ULTRA-LOCAL APPEAL. You have only seconds to demonstrate to searchers that you know what you are doing in their local market. One of the ways this can is with correct and interesting blogging. Therefore, you need to make blogging one of your strengths. Truly, the core of Ultra-Local Marketing is generating the appeal to your prospects.

In summary – A very strong Ultra-Local presence in a viable zip code can produce a lot of business.