Frequently Asked Questions

One 8 Media Group has developed a unique lead generation platform to help connect potential home buyers and sellers to realtors. We call it GetLocalTM, a collection e-lifestyle magazines that provide valuable local data and information to site visitors who are looking to research an area. These visitors may be buyers or sellers, residents, or local business owners.



Centered around US ZIP Codes, GetLocalTM aggregates data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view of the area. This ultra-local, valuable content includes information about dining, shopping, weather, school data, events, demographics, and more, and is linked with the realtor’s own exclusive data, managed through a dedicated account dashboard.



Each ZIP code or Area/Regional website is sponsored by a single real estate professional. These are most often licensed real estate brokers and agents, but also may include developers and builders who want to increase visibility in a geography. Once a site is sponsored, it is taken out of inventory, making the Sponsor the exclusive real estate expert for the area.

Successful real estate professionals, like you, are looking for new ways to stand out from the competition and obtain qualified marketing leads. GetLocalTM  helps to drive these objectives in a unique and cost-friendly way.


The real estate industry is highly regulated, leaving little opportunity for differentiation among licensed real estate agents in this highly competitive space. Most every agent is using the same tools in the same geographies on the same platforms to reach the same people. GetLocalTM provides a new, unique, and exclusive platform designed for people who live, work, and visit an area, but optimized to attract property buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Marketing has become more challenging and expensive as regulations limit the way that Realtors can market their inventories and services. Further, the same marketing services are available to all Realtors – and used by most – such that gaining a competitive edge is difficult, if not impossible. The net result is that the most Realtors market listings the same way on the same platforms, making it hard to separate from the competition.


GetLocalTM gives real estate pros a new, and more importantly, an exclusive edge in a given area. By limiting our offering to one per US Zip code, we provide the only single sponsor zip code exclusive real estate marketing platform in the industry. Now that’s exclusive!

The process is simple. The Sponsor visits this site, selects the ZIP code(s) they want to sponsor, agrees to simple T&Cs, and signs up. We provision your site(s) with ultra-local content, add your specific content, and the site goes live within days. Site visitors will then have access to local content including dining, shopping, local events, weather, school data, demographics, and the ability to connect to you exclusively.

As a GetLocalTM Sponsor, all we ask is that you complete an information form, available through your own dedicated portal, which includes information about your business. This data includes your name and contact information, your website address, information about your recently sold properties, information about your team, advice for home buyers and sellers, and more. You also have access to the site blog, where you are encouraged to post stories and information about the area. 

In return for your site subscription and providing your important content, you will be granted a license to use the data we collect on the site. Site visits and subscribers, for example, will be provided to you in real time, and all subscribers are verified to ensure they are double opt in leads. You are free to use these leads in your marketing efforts, add them to your CRM, or choose any marketing channel you would like. 

Each zipcode site is sponsored based upon a monthly fee. Each site is priced uniquely based on a proprietary algorithm that uses data, including but not limited to population, median home values, median income levels, number of realtors in the zip code and market trends. Monthly prices start at $249 and up. Generally, the fees track to the average home sale price for an area. Specific prices are presented on our website for each zip code. We reserve the right to update pricing at any time.

Yes! Larger Real Estate agencies, brokerages, developers, and builders might want to consider our Enterprise Solutions, where entire geographies are sponsored and all related ZIP codes are taken out of inventory. These sites are generally semi-custom, encapsulate all of the aggregated data, and are optimized to attract people search within the region sponsored.


You may be interested in our Early Adopter program. Early adopters receive a discount on their first three subscription months, and may be asked to participate in One 8’s feedback loop. Stay tuned for more information or contact us now!

No! When you sign up your commitment is month to month. You can cancel at any time. Your subscription will continue until the  billing cycle ends, at which time the site will remain up, but your content will be removed and the site will become available for other potential sponsors in your zip code. Your license to use our data will also cease at this time. Sorry – no refunds.

Our current metrics indicate that 3,000 + unique visitors – i.e. potential customers – visit the zip code sites per month shortly after launch, and increase as the site is further Search Engine Optimized. Assuming the low end, if one percent (30) of those visitors click to your account page, it has a potential of driving 360+ new opportunities to your firm on an annual basis. Depending upon the zip code you’ve sponsored, if 1 out of those 360+ opportunities close, the cost of your sponsorship will be compensated 3 – 5 times (assuming a 3% average commission rate).

When you visit the shop page on you will see zip code sites we have launched or are in the process of launching. If you don’t see the zip code you are interested in, there is an option to send us a request. There is no commitment required. When we receive that request, we will set up that site with ultra-local content. You can then decide whether to sponsor.


If you do find your desired zip code, add it to your cart, check out, and you’re all set. If you want, you can add multiple sites. Your Unique Sponsor Content will be shared across all of your sites. You will be automatically billed monthly for your subscription.

Each site is populated with local content we provide through various data sources and partnerships. The site also feature a separate page for you on the site titled ‘Real Estate’. The information that is presented there will be your provided content that you enter through an automated process during sign-up. Your unique content will include information such as your business details, contact information, your pictures, badges, reviews, client tips, social media connections, team bio’s (i.e., attorney, banker, architect, builder, etc.), and recent sales. Consider it your satellite website designed to connect you and only you to potential customers interested in your zip code.

Yes! While we launch our first collection of sites we are offering a 20% discount on your first three months of your subscription (use coupon code EARLY20). Demand is high to get on board, but we’re limiting our launch schedule to ensure a smooth start.

As an early adopter, you will be asked to provide feedback on the site and it’s function; keep your data appropriate and current; and help us as we release new features to further improve our service. Like any new service or application, we expect growing pains, so we’re looking for a few good real estate agents to get on board early!

Our zip code and regional sites are designed to look, feel, and function like sites designed for people who live, work, and visit an area. Under the covers, however, the sites are SEO optimized to attract real estate buyers and sellers for that area. 


Our SEO strategy focuses on three things: Content, Content, and Content. In the same way that real estate is about location, location, and location, digital marketing hinges on content, content, and content. By aggregating data from qualified and authoritative sources, coupled with the curated content provided by us as well as your own unique content, we have created a key word focused SEO lead generation platform. 


As a general practice, we do not promote or advertise individual sites as organic search results are the most desirable, and our efforts are focused on getting listed on the coveted first page. In certain cases, and at our sole discretion, we may promote the site on search engines or social media, included paid or sponsored ads. to help accelerate site adoption and usage. This approach, while a bit slower to scale, provides the most bang for your advertising buck and helps us keep our subscription fees affordable. 

Once you have completed your sponsorship subscription purchase, our team gets to work provisioning your site (if it hasn’t already been done) and performing their magic to get it up and running. Initial site setup usual takes between 3 and 5 days. You will be notified when the site is live. 


Once your site is live, our team will continue working behind the scenes setting up data connections and content, and fine tuning the site’s search engine optimization (SEO) settings, an ongoing effort managed by our team, so you don’t have to worry about it. 


Congratulations! You’re on your way to developing new, relationship based, ultra local leads and relationships!