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Discover how our web-based lead generator can provide a competitive advantage for a single realtor in each select zip code. Our platform offers a unique marketing solution by pulling together ultra-local content. It provides a unique realtor the ability to showcase their specialized knowledge and understanding of a specific neighborhood or town.

By leveraging this local expertise, you can build trust among potential clients – and in addition, you position yourself as an expert in your target areas.

Hyper-Local Content for Targeted Audiences

Our platform pulls together comprehensive, local content – built to individual zip codes. This hyper-local approach enables potential buyers and sellers to gain valuable info into the local real estate market, trends, amenities, schools’ data, and other relevant information. By attracting a highly targeted audience actively searching for properties in specific neighborhoods, you increase your chances of getting quality leads. See a listing of available zip codes.

Site Content

The specific information listed on each site includes:

These pages are combined into the local zip code site along with a Realtor page dedicated to a single realtor. This site becomes in effect a satellite website to your primary website. For an example have a look at

Enhanced User Experience and Community Engagement

With our platform, we focus on delivering an enhanced user experience by providing detailed information about specific areas. For example, users can easily access neighborhood specific content including events and shops, demographics, and other localized information. This makes their property search more efficient and convenient.

Additionally, our focus on ultra-local content fosters community engagement and positions you as a go-to resource for residents and newcomers. By showcasing local events, news, and businesses, you set yourself (and only you) as a reliable source of information within the community.

Personalization and Customization for a Tailored Approach

Our platform allows you to present personalized and customized content and ensures users receive tailored communications and blogs about real estate in their desired areas. By offering these personalized communications, the site enhances the overall user experience and makes the connection with you more efficient.

With highly relevant and detailed content, our zip code sites aim to become trusted resources and invaluable tools for individuals. That is to say potential home owners interested in specific geographic areas – with the goal of having them make a connection with you.

Realtor page

Each site is sponsored by a single real estate agent. As a result, that agent receives prominent advertising placement throughout the site, as well as on the Realtor page.

The Realtor page on the site captures your specific content, including:

For an example have a look at the Realtor page at

Sponsorship Pricing

Sponsoring a zip code site provides exclusive advertising placement throughout the site, including a dedicated Realtor page showcasing your practice.

Our subscription pricing is based on local town data. This data includes average home value, realtor commission rates, population density, population medium income level, and the number of realtors (often in the 100s) in the district.

The average monthly list price for a single zip subscription in the NY area ranges from $400 to $900 per month. There is a no term commitment. You can cancel at any time during the month prior to your next month’s billing cycle.

With a no term commitment, GetLocal.ZIp offers a low risk, cost effective marketing solution.

ROI & Cost Effectiveness

Remembering that this is an ultra local web site. Each site attracts 100s of monthly visitors (locals and people looking for local info – potential buyers). Assuming 2-3% of those visitors are interested in connecting with you – would result in dozens of semi qualified leads connecting to you – the sole realtor – thru the site’s Realtor page.

If only 1 qualified lead per year turns into a commission-based transaction, a 300% ++ ROI would be achieved. Additional transactions would increase that number significantly.


(1) A Zip code site delivers Competitive Advantage: A single sponsored realtor’s website with local content differentiates you from competitors. It is a showcase of specialized knowledge and understanding of specific neighborhoods. This unique value proposition helps build trust and credibility among potential clients, positioning you as an expert in those areas.

(2) It is Hyper-Local: The website presents your deep knowledge and expertise about specific neighborhoods or zip codes. Therefore, it allows potential buyers or sellers to gain valuable insights into the local real estate market, trends, schools, and other relevant information.

(3) It is Targeted to a specific audience: Ultra-local content attracts a highly targeted audience who is specifically interested in a particular area. In summary, this allows you to connect with potential clients who are actively searching for properties in those neighborhoods, increasing the chances of getting quality leads.

(4) It delivers an Enhanced User Experience: Providing detailed information about a specific area enhances the user experience by catering to the specific needs and interests of the visitors. Users can easily access neighborhood specific listings, market reports, demographics, and other localized information, therefore making their property search more efficient and convenient.

(5) It is focused on Community Engagement: The website fosters community engagement and becomes the go-to resource for residents and newcomers alike. Your expertise is presented by providing information about local events, news, businesses, and attractions, creating a sense of community, and establishing the website as a reliable source of information. You can also post your events on the Events Page as well within specific blogs you create.

Next Steps and Feedback

In summary, if you’re interested in leveraging this innovative marketing option, please check out our inventory of current sites. You can also let us know your preferred zip code(s). We will check our current inventory and provide you with cost effective & favorable pricing. (additional discounts for multiple site sponsorships).

We look forward to taking the next steps together.