Realtors have a wide range of marketing options available to promote their services and properties. The choice and combination of strategies will vary based on factors such as target market, budget, local market conditions, and individual choice.

Is your advertising budget giving you a high return on investment?

Some of the common channels used by real estate professionals include:

  1. Online Listings
  2. Real Estate Websites
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Paid Online Advertising
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Print Advertising
  8. Open Houses and Networking Events
  9. Referral Programs:
  10. Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours

When we say “common marketing channels” we mean exactly that – ‘Common’. Common as in every other realtor in the same market is using the same options as every other realtor in the area. In effect, it becomes impossible to differentiate and to stand out – call it the snowflake syndrome.

How to be unique within your competition.

These are just some of the marketing options available to realtors. Luckily for a select few innovative relators we have developed – YAKYAK– an electronic e-magazine that provides ultra-local information to potential buyers and sellers and generates advertising connections to a single realtor in each zip code.

What percent of income do realtors spend on advertising per month?

The percentage of income that realtors spend on advertising per month can vary based on several factors, including your income level, business goals, market conditions, and personal preferences. While there is no fixed percentage that applies to all realtors, on average, realtors typically allocate around 10% to 20% of their monthly income towards advertising expenses.

The 10-20% range can fluctuate based on individual circumstances and business strategies. Some realtors may choose to invest a higher percentage of their income to aggressively market their services and gain a potential competitive edge in their local market. The question then becomes is the return on investment (ROI) worth the investment? How do you know if one channel is more productive (provides better leads) than another channel?

It’s important to note that this percentage can vary widely depending on the specific goals and circumstances of each realtor. Some realtors may choose to spend a smaller portion of their income on advertising, while others may invest more heavily to expand their reach and attract a larger client base. Ultimately, the decision on how much to allocate towards advertising is a personal one, based on individual business strategies and financial considerations.

For innovative realtors we have a unique marketing channel – unique in that only one realtor is associated to a ultra-local zip code site that provides:

An Example of Local Content

Check out LBNYLIFE.COM for an example of content we provide:

For a list of Zip Codes available for Realtor Sponsorship check out

In other words, providing a simple and consolidated way for a home buyer to obtain this information builds trust between the relator and the prospect and shortens the sales cycle. YAKYAK provides this information at a single website. That website therefore consolidates all the key information points a buyer will be looking for and above all promotes a single realtor thru sponsorship.

In conclusion, the zip site is an extension of the realtors marketing channel and is uniquely available to only one realtor.

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