Meet GetLocal.zipTM, from One 8 Media Group

Hyper Local Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals and Developers

Hyperlocal marketing with O8MG’s lifestyle e-magazines capture new, exclusive leads affordably and with high ROI

What is GetLocalTM?

GetLocalTM is a new and exclusive lead generation platform for real estate professionals. Each hyper local, e-lifestyle magazine provides valuable local data and information to site visitors who are looking to research an area. 

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One 8 Media Group has developed a unique lead generation platform to help connect potential home buyers and sellers to realtors. We call it GetLocalTM, a collection e-lifestyle magazines that provide valuable local data and information to site visitors who are looking to research an area. These visitors may be buyers or sellers, residents, or local business owners.



Centered around US ZIP Codes, GetLocalTM aggregates data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view of the area. This ultra-local, valuable content includes information about dining, shopping, weather, school data, events, demographics, and more, and is linked with the realtor’s own exclusive data, managed through a dedicated account dashboard.



Each ZIP code or Area/Regional website is sponsored by a single real estate professional. These are most often licensed real estate brokers and agents, but also may include developers and builders who want to increase visibility in a geography. Once a site is sponsored, it is taken out of inventory, making the Sponsor the exclusive real estate expert for the area.

Successful real estate professionals, like you, are looking for new ways to stand out from the competition and obtain qualified marketing leads. GetLocalTM  helps to drive these objectives in a unique and cost-friendly way.


The real estate industry is highly regulated, leaving little opportunity for differentiation among licensed real estate agents in this highly competitive space. Most every agent is using the same tools in the same geographies on the same platforms to reach the same people. GetLocalTM provides a new, unique, and exclusive platform designed for people who live, work, and visit an area, but optimized to attract property buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Marketing has become more challenging and expensive as regulations limit the way that Realtors can market their inventories and services. Further, the same marketing services are available to all Realtors – and used by most – such that gaining a competitive edge is difficult, if not impossible. The net result is that the most Realtors market listings the same way on the same platforms, making it hard to separate from the competition.


GetLocalTM gives real estate pros a new, and more importantly, an exclusive edge in a given area. By limiting our offering to one per US Zip code, we provide the only single sponsor zip code exclusive real estate marketing platform in the industry. Now that’s exclusive!

As a GetLocalTM Sponsor, all we ask is that you complete an information form, available through your own dedicated portal, which includes information about your business. This data includes your name and contact information, your website address, information about your recently sold properties, information about your team, advice for home buyers and sellers, and more. You also have access to the site blog, where you are encouraged to post stories and information about the area. 

In return for your site subscription and providing your important content, you will be granted a license to use the data we collect on the site. Site visits and subscribers, for example, will be provided to you in real time, and all subscribers are verified to ensure they are double opt in leads.

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