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Use this section to include any awards and recognition you have received. For example, if you were last year's Platinum Agent for your territory, you can add it here, and include any graphics - we call them badges - that you want to place on your page. You can add as many awards as you like. Start by clicking the 'Add New' button.

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Use this section to add your social media links to your page. The best way to assure accuracy is by going to the front page on your social site, selecting the entire URL, and copy/pasting it into the corresponding field below. To do this, select the URL, press CTRL+C (or Command+C on Mac), then click in the field below and press CTRL+P (or Command+P on Mac). For example, for Twitter, we would enter

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National Association of Realtors

National Association of Realtors members are allowed to use NAR's content in their own marketing materials royalty-free. We collect and store your NAR membership number to make sure we're all covered from a copyright standpoint.

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Use this section to share with site visitors the people that help make you successful. Your team might include associate brokers, bankers, attorneys, contractors or anyone who helps you find and close business. You can add as many as you like. Start by clicking the 'Add New' button.


Recent Sales

Use this section to show off the recent sales you've made. We suggest adding each new recent sale as they happen. This helps to keep your content fresh, which helps with search engine performance. We like to use the 'Heading' field to be a little bit creative. Don't just enter an address; instead try something like "Lakeside Living in Livingston" or "Pretty Porch in Pasadena". Start by clicking the 'Add New' button.

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Nothing speaks louder than words, especially when they're telling the world how awesome you are! Use this section to share some of the best reviews you've received. There's no limit on how many you can add, and you can start by clicking the 'Add New' button.

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Blogs are the lifeblood of good web content, and keeping them fresh and up to date not only entertain and inform site visitors; it also helps with your search engine performance.

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