Best Times for Realtors to Advertise: Busy or Slow Seasons?

In real estate, the question of when realtors should advertise has no one-size-fits-all answer. While spring and summer are typically busy, smart realtors know the importance of adjusting strategies during slower times. Strategic Real Estate Advertising:Navigating Slow and Busy Seasons for Optimal Impact When the market slows down, realtors should review how well their marketing […]

Value of Double opt-in Email

Overview Double opt-in email is a method used by One8MediaGroup’s marketing to confirm a user’s subscription to a mailing list or newsletter. It involves an additional step. To double opt-in users receive a confirmation email and must click a link or take another action to verify and confirm their subscription. Click here to see an […]

Providing Local Knowledge: A Key Differentiator for a Single Realtor in each Zip Code – Background – A Single Realtor in each Zip Code Discover how our web-based lead generator can provide a competitive advantage for a single realtor in each select zip code. Our platform offers a unique marketing solution by pulling together ultra-local content. It provides a unique realtor the ability to showcase their specialized knowledge […]

Getting a Realtor’s Competitive Edge

Realtors can gain a competitive edge by employing various strategies and tactics to differentiate themselves and provide superior service to their clients. Here are some key ways to gain that edge as a realtor: Build a Strong Online Presence & Specialize in a Local Zip-code area: Develop Exceptional Customer Service: Invest in Continuing Education Market […]

The value proposition of a realtor’s website that provides ultra local content

Overview – A realtor’s website that provides ultra local content offers a unique value by focusing on specific neighborhoods or zip codes in great detail. Here are some key benefits and value propositions of such a website: Hyper-Local Expertise By offering ultra local content, the website demonstrates deep knowledge and expertise about specific neighborhoods. In […]

Is Your Realtor Marketing Budget Optimized?

How Much Are You Spending on Marketing? The amount of your realtor commissions that you should spend on marketing can vary based on your individual circumstances and business goals. Although there is no specific industry standard, a common suggestion is to allocate around 10% to 20% of your commissions towards marketing activities. If you are […]

Ultra Local Websites for Realtors

A unique website marketing solution for Realtors that aggregates ultra local data for homebuyers looking for information about a particular zip code. Each site is designed to engage home buyers and sellers, and is optimized to showcase a “single realtor” in each zip code. Advantages – for Realtors Each ultra-local website can offer numerous benefits […]

Hyper Local Real Estate Marketing and Unique Lead Generation

Go hyper local – There are no absolute, sure-fire ways to ensure you’ll beat out the competition – However, going hyper local and building your reputation as the definitive expert in your community is what we’ve seen as THE critical success factor – Hyper Local Real Estate Marketing And if you’re looking for, without a doubt, the […]